Living in Taiwan – How to… find a Bed and Breakfast (in Chinese)

9 Sep
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The last ‘how to’ guide went down well, so here is the next one.

Living is Taipei is great, but sometimes you just have to get out of the city and get some fresh air in relaxing rural surroundings.  However, searching for hotels in English or relying on the Lonely Planet doesn’t really give you a great deal of options with regards to places to stay.  Bed & breakfasts (民宿) (or guest houses depending how you translate it) are becoming very popular in Taiwan and are popping up in scenic areas all over the island.  Their quality and cleanliness varies widely, but I think that they are generally the best option for a weekend away.  Service is usually a lot friendlier and more personal than at a big hotel and they also generally offer better value for money.

I usually begin my search by typing the Chinese words “民宿”(B&B) and the name of the place I want to go into google.  This usually brings me to a website that is dedicated to listing all the B&B’s in the area I am searching for.  In this example, I will choose Hualien simply because it is one of the most popular places for foreigners to visit.  However, the same idea applies to most places and if you look for the characters I point out here, you should be able to get by.

OK, this is the website you need to go to for Hualien B&B’s.

Your first page will look something like this.  Clicking on the tabs I have labelled will take you to all the B&B’s in the area you selected.

bandb 1

I clicked on “city” and then I can choose from the pictures below by clicking on them.

bandb 2

Or alternatively you can scroll down the page and find more links, like this.

bandb 3

Clicking on one of the B&B’s will take you to the site for that particular B&B.  Here is an example.

bandb 4

You may have to click “Enter” or “進入網站” to get to this point.  Now you need to find the characters “客房” on this page, like on the one below.

bandb 6

Clicking on this link will take you to a page like this.

bandb 7

Now you need to find the list of rooms that they have available.  Bear in mind that each website is slightly different, but they all contain similar information.

As a rough guide…

套房 – Room with private bathroom

雅房 – Room with shared bathroom

單人 – Single

雙人 – Double

四人 – Four-person

包棟 – Whole building

通舖 – Dormitory

Look through the list of rooms available and click on the want you want.  Then you should find the pricing which will look similar to this one.

bandb 8

Some things to look out for – Generally, in Taiwan, weekends are defined as Fri/Sat nights and weekdays as Sun-Thurs.

提供早餐 – includes breakfast

週五 – Friday

週六 – Saturday

週末 – Weekend

If you see something like this “週五8折” this means that Fridays have a 20% discount on stated price.  It can be confusing but the 8 means that you pay 80% of the price.  Similarly 6折 would be 40% off or 60% of the stated price.

A few of the sites have online booking facility, which will be labelled as “線上訂房” but the vast majority don’t, which means you need to call or ask someone to help you call.

To find the number, click on the “訂房資訊” link or look for the characters “訂房專線”.

To find out where the B&B is located, click on the “地理位置” link or copy and paste the address into google maps.


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