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Taiwan Stories – Escaping the Summer Heat in Taiwan’s High Mountains

19 Aug
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View From Yushan Peak at Sunrise

View From Yushan Peak at Sunrise

Growing up in the North of England every summer was eagerly anticipated, especially because I lived by the coast and loved going to the beach, when summer did come around I would even pray that it would get hotter.  Wishing that just for a few days of the summer the thermometer would creep past 25 degrees and the long-abandoned shorts and sunglasses could come out of hibernation.  Nowadays in Taiwan, I still love the summer for all the same reasons I did when I was younger – beaches, swimming outdoors, picnics etc. – but there is also a sense of dread that comes each year with the final days of spring.

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Meteor Lake (JiaMingHu)

18 Nov

Meteor Lake - JiaMingHu

Meteor Lake, JiaMingHu in Chinese, in Taidong County is a place of incredible natural beauty that has long been a favorite spot for hikers looking for spectacular scenery.  It was given the name Meteor Lake because it is believed that it was formed by a meteor crashing into Earth many years ago (Of course, this being Taiwan, there is a more romantic story – that the lake is a sapphire that was lost by God on Earth).   At over 3000 metres above sea level and a good days hike from the nearest major road, Meteor Lake is remote enough to ensure that it is able to retain it’s natural splendour and continue to astonish those adventurous enough to make the journey there. Continue reading

NaMaXia (Formerly known as Sanmin)

17 Nov

Tea Mountain - Sea of Clouds

This is an excerpt from “Two Weeks Around Taiwan” a motorcycling trip around the island that my brother and I did in the Winter of 2008.

 After quite possibly the worst drive of our lives the previous day, we arrived at Sanmin township in surprisingly good spirits. This was mostly down to the best hot spring of our lives that we had at the end of the drive! I don’t know if there is something special about the hot spring water in Baolai or if it was just the sheer pleasure of finally being out of the cold and driving rain that made the hot spring incredibly relaxing and satisfying. Whatever it was, we were both pleased that we could feel our extremities once more and as if to emulate the perk in our moods, the sun finally decided to come out to play, too!

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