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Taiwan Stories – The River Tracer

7 Sep
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The river  tracer

The River Tracer


My friends and I spend many a summer weekend looking for relaxing swimming holes to cool off in.  However the first one we found several years still has a special appeal and we find ourselves there every few months.  This particular time was a Saturday morning and the weather was looking less than ideal, thick grey moody clouds rolled in above us, looking on intimidating as we set out on a narrow treacherous fisherman’s trail that follows beside the river, winding and weaving it’s way through the dense, teaming undergrowth.

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Top Five – East Coast

21 Jan

1. River Tracing Cool off and enjoy the thrills of scrambling up waterfalls and diving into refreshing pools of crystal clear water.

wulai 070

Jumping into a stream while river tracing

2. Paragliding – Soar above the majestic rift valley in a tandem flight with a qualified instructor.

best trip2

Paragliding in Taidong County

3. Taroko Gorge – Endless trails and jaw-dropping scenery.

Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge - Hualian County

4. White Water RaftingNot the fastest rapids, but some of the most beautiful scenery around.

Rafting in Hualian County

5. Harvest Festival – Celebrate harvest festival with the Ami tribe, especially at the annual show in Meilun.

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