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Visiting Taiwan – Experiencing Hakka Culture in Beipu

17 Oct

Beipu Old Street (北埔老街)offers visitors a collection of local Hakka delicacies.

Although the vast majority of Taiwan’s population is Han Chinese (indigenous people make up only about 2% of the population) there are still many sub-divisions of this group living on the island.  One of the biggest groups is the Hakka people.  Hakka people represent about 20% of Taiwan’s population and although you will find them all around the island, the majority still live in the hills of Miaoli, Hsinchu and Kaohsiung Counties.  The Hakka people are believed to originally be from the Central Chinese mountains, but the emigrated south to the provinces of Guangdong and Fujian, and from there some made their way to Taiwan.  Although, they are similar to the Hoklo people who make up 70% of Taiwan’s population, they also differ in many ways and have very distinct clothing, architecture and cuisine as well as their own language.

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TongXiao, MiaoLi County

14 Apr
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Field of Flowers

Published in Travel in Taiwan magazine (March/April 2010)

Rural Taiwan, has long played second-fiddle to the booming industrial areas in the island’s Economic Miracle, is finally seeing somewhat of a renaissance.  City dwellers, longing for fresh air and expansive countryside are looking to the farming areas that once drove the nation’s economy to find the peace and relaxation they seek as well as having a chance to re-discover some of the island’s more unique traditions.  TongXiao, in Miaoli County, is just one of the places taking advantage of this new tourism wave and we took the short train ride from Taipei to find out why.

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