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Taiwan Stories – Escaping the Summer Heat in Taiwan’s High Mountains

19 Aug
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View From Yushan Peak at Sunrise

View From Yushan Peak at Sunrise

Growing up in the North of England every summer was eagerly anticipated, especially because I lived by the coast and loved going to the beach, when summer did come around I would even pray that it would get hotter.  Wishing that just for a few days of the summer the thermometer would creep past 25 degrees and the long-abandoned shorts and sunglasses could come out of hibernation.  Nowadays in Taiwan, I still love the summer for all the same reasons I did when I was younger – beaches, swimming outdoors, picnics etc. – but there is also a sense of dread that comes each year with the final days of spring.

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Top Five – High Mountains

22 Aug

1. Jiaming Lake – A stunning hike to an alpine lake formed by a meteor strike.

Jiaming Lake

2. Xueshan – Taiwan’s second highest peak and the most beautiful.


3. Dabajianshan – A monster hike to a really bizzarely wonderful mountain.


4. Yushan – The big one.


5. Hehuanshan – You can drive up to over 3000m and cover quite a few peaks in a weekend.


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